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48-010 - BATTLE SCOOTERS (3)
USN/USMC A-4C, A-4E, & A-4F Skyhawks in the Vietnam War

This Part 3 decal sheet focuses on five A-4 Skyhawk squadrons in the Vietnam War.  Typical for most of AOA's coverage of Vietnam USN/USMC aircraft, this sheet also provides the modeler with the choice of time periods for a specific squadron; and in the case of the A-4, also a choice of aircraft with and without the later avionics hump if appropriate (VA-36 and VA-146 only operated the A-4C in Vietnam).

The same CAG aircraft of VA-94 can also be represented with this sheet either from the 1969 or 1970 cruises, as it appeared with somewhat different markings for each cruise.

Earlier wartime VMA-211 schemes that featured different squadron insignia on the tail and the fuselage are unfortunately not covered due to not having satisfactory references at the time of printing to cover them accurately enough.  

[Decals released December 2016]

For Hasegawa 1/48 A-4 Skyhawks

12 Marking Options Included:

VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers - two A-4E options from Chu Lai, South Vietnam betwen 1968-69

VA-36 Roadrunners - one A-4C option from USS Intrepid 1968-69

VA-94 Mighty Shrikes - five options: one A-4C from USS Ranger 1694-65, one A-4E from USS Bon Homme Richard 1968, one A-4E from USS Bon Homme Richard 1969 (CAG scheme), and two A-4E from USS Bon Homme Richard 1970 (one CAG, one line scheme)

VA-146 Blue Diamonds - one A-4C from USS Constellation 1964-65

VA-155 Silver Foxes - three options: one A-4E from USS Ranger 1964-65, and two A-4F from USS Ranger 1968-69

As usual with AOA releases, an extensive airframe stencil sheet is also included.  Stencils are provided for one A-4; however, the stencil sheet is also available to purchase separately (see 48-004).

Decals also included for VA-36, VA-94, and VA-146 fuel tanks (VA-155 and VMA-211 typically only had plain fuel tanks without any squadron markings/identifiers).

Cover Image Correction: VA-94's 1968 USS Bon Homme Richard is mistakenly omited in the text listing on the cover/title page even though the profile is shown.  The markings are of course included in the decal sheet.
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