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32-013 - COMBAT SCOOTERS (3)
USN/USMC A-4C Skyhawks in the Vietnam War

This Part 3 sheet is available in limited quantities and is packaged with AMS Resin's previously released A-4C Skyhawk conversion set for the Trumpeter A-4E/F kit.  The conversion set provides the main components to backdate the kit to the earlier A-4C - new short nose, windshield wiper assembly, short intakes, new exhaust, and also includes correct ESCAPAC ejection seat and earlier spoked style nose and main wheels.

Three early war A-4C Skyhawks are provided from three squadrons in Vietnam that are relatively overlooked today compared to other wartime A-4 squadrons, even though all three played significant roles in the war - VMA-214 were deployed to Chu Lai between 1965-67 and both VA-146 and VA-216 deployed on three combat cruises each.  The latter two squadrons are represented here with decals from both of their first combat cruises; while VMA-214 is represented with decals for their markings used during the latter part of their Vietnam deployment - initially their aircraft did not have the unique squadron markings on the fuselage or rudder/tail apart from the WE tail code identifier.  The somewhat simplified stylized jumping ram/blacksheep on the fuselage carried in Vietnam was further elaborated with additional detail in the later 1960's.

[Decals released February 2016]

For Trumpeter 1/32 A-4E/A-4F Skyhawk using the provided AMS Resin A-4C Conversion Set

3 Marking Options Included:

VMA-214 Blacksheep - Chu Lai, South Vietnam, 1966/67

VA-146 Blue Diamonds - USS Constellation 1964-65

VA-216 Black Diamonds - USS Hancock 1964-65

Airframe stencils also included.

Decals also included for drop tanks and helmets for all three schemes.

 Includes AMS Resin A-4C
 Conversion Set (for Trumpeter kits)

Sold Out

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Out of stock at AOA, may still be available at webstores Decals printed by

Photo shows earlier conversion. The current set from AMS that is part of this AOA package includes newly mastered full main and nose wheels rather than only the main gear hubs shown below: 

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