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USMC A-6A Intruders in the Vietnam War
Also refer to A-6A Intruder Configurations for additional information to supplement provided decals instructions.

This extensive and comprehensive decal sheet covers the three land based USMC A-6 Intruder squadrons during the Vietnam War (VMA(AW)-225, -242, and -533); allowing the option to represent an Intruder from any timeframe during the war for each squadron.

[Decals released February 2015]

23 Marking Options (14 Aircraft) Included:

3 options (2 aircraft) for VMA(AW)-225 Vikings at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, from 1969-71

7 options (5 aircraft) for VMA(AW)-242 Batmen at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, from 1966-70

5 options (3 aircraft) for VMA(AW)-533 Hawks at Chu Lai Air Base, South Vietnam, from 1967-69;
8 options (4 aircraft) at Royal Thai Air Base Nam Phong (aka “The Rose Garden”), Thailand, from 1972-73

Accurate stencils provided for one aircraft; however, the stencils provided are complete airframe stencils.  The stencil sheet is also available to purchase separately, see 32-002 (which is also applicable to additional A-6 variants).

Decals also included for MER/TER numbers (various types), crew helmets, and fuel tanks.

45+ Page Instructions (on mini-CD) Containing:
Trumpeter kit modification information
Possible A-6A configuration information
Marking notes
Typical ordnance loadout charts for the three squadrons
Stencil placement
Single page for each marking option (3 view)

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Instructions are only provided on mini-CD!
(Adobe pdf file)

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